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Ph.D qualification exam dates [18.11.2015]

Midterm Schedule is updated!!! P.S. Exam dates of the courses with yellow mark is changed. [9.11.2015]

2015-2016 Fall Midterm Schedule is updated!!! [19.10.2015]

2015-2016 Fall Midterm Schedule!!! [16.10.2015]

The course details of Face to face BEB650 (The use of fundamental information and communication technologies) for International (foreign) students have been announced [14.10.2015]

BBM453 Bilgisayar Ağları Lab Dersi 01 şubesi ve 02 şubesi olarak ders programında yeniden tanımlanmıştır. Yeni program için tıklayınız [16.9.2015]

BEB 650 proficiency exam will be held at 16 September Wednesday 6:00 PM in Classroom 8 and 9. [15.9.2015]

The head of Hacettepe University's Software Engineering Research Group (HUSE), Doç. Dr. Vahid GAROUSI, will offer a two-day intensive doctoral seminar course in the Department of Information Processing Science, University of Oulu in Finland from Oct. 28-30, 2015. [15.9.2015]

2015-2016 Güz Dönemi Ders Programı Güncellendi!!! Not:Sadece derslik bazında değişiklik olmuştur. Sarı dolgulu bölgelere dikkat ediniz... [14.9.2015]

TKD103 Türk Dili I Ders Saati Değişikliği! [8.9.2015]

BBM205 Kesikli Matematik 01-02 Şubesi Öğrencilerinin Dikkatine!!!! [8.9.2015]

BBM205 Kesikli Matematiksel Yapılar, BBM231 Mantıksal Tasarım ve BBM301 Programlama Dilleri Hakkında ! [7.9.2015]

2015-2016 Fall Semester Schedule has been published [4.9.2015]

About İng211 and İng212 ! [2.9.2015]

Welcome message from the head of department! [11.8.2015]

Summer school related announcement! [9.7.2015]

Interview results for graduate programs [7.7.2015]

Make up examination of BBM204 course will be held at 2 July 09:30 AM in D1 class. [26.06.2015]

Interviews for graduate educations! [18.06.2015]

Summer school syllabus! [23.06.2015]

Make up exam dates for 'Modern Diller Birimi' [12.06.2015]

Although it is suggested that technical elective courses should be taken with their appropriate laboratory courses, it is also possible to take them seperately.

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